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FAQs and other meanderings on the Oregon Scientific WMR-918 and WMR-968 Wireless Weather Station.

Lest these pages be construed as an endorsement for these products, let me make one thing abundantly clear: I definitely do NOT recommend you buy the Oregon Scientific WMR-968. In my opinion the build quality is poor. I found the anemometer (wind speed gauge) to be worthless. Both my indoor and outdoor hygrometers (humidity gauges) were inaccurate and very slow to respond. I say "were" because, after only seven (7) years, the outdoor temperature & humidity sensors up & died. Replacing that sensor/transmitter group is too expensive to justify--particularly since, from all I've read, the manufacturer hasn't bothered to address a single one of its deficiencies in those seven years. The rain gauge transmitter was marginal at well under the claimed maximum transmitter distance. That, too, died about a year after the outdoor thermometer & hygrometer. If you're at all interested in a quality, dependable system that will give you something resembling useful data, I suggest you look elsewhere. But if all you want is a neat toy that'll last a few years, maybe this is for you.

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WMR-918/WMR-968 Rain Gage Calibration

WMR-918/WMR-968 Wind Vane Calibration

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