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You should always validate with PGP anything you download from JIMSUN to try to ensure that you're getting the pure, unadulterated thing. (The key word here is try! There are no guarantees!)

My PGP Public Key Fingerprint

768/CB375039 1999/01/23 James S. Seymour <jseymour@jimsun.LinxNet.com>
    Key fingerprint =  F7 18 C8 16 A7 CD 62 3D  1A FA A4 CE 9A 1F 53 DA 

Where To Get My PGP Public Key

Make a note of my public key fingerprint (above) and go to one of the sites below:

The PGP Public Key Server
Or here's a local copy for download (least recommended--for obvious reasons).

(Note: My PGP keys and signatures might not work with GPG.)

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