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PLEASE DO NOT email me with questions about how to get tripwire to compile or run on your platform. PLEASE DO NOT email me with configuration questions. PLEASE DO NOT send me enhancement requests.
It is not my intention to become any kind of "official" maintainer of some branched version of tripwire. I've simply applied patches for documented problems with the last unencumbered public release of tripwire and provided the patched version as a service to the Internet community at large.
The official maintainers of tripwire are now Tripwire Security Systems Inc. If you want or need something more than tripwire-1.2 with minor patches for the few problems that revealed themselves as it was ported to more modern platforms, I urge you to go there. Thank you for your cooperation.

Here you will find an unofficial, patched version of tripwire-1.2. The patches address the following three issues:

The 8-bit patch was developed and implemented by me. (A note to bugtraq readers: yes, before the thread on bugtraq. I simply never thought to do anything with it before that thread.) The other patches were manually added as per the information in the README documents at the Purdue site noted below. While I was about it, I also performed some minor corrections and improvements on some of the manual pages.
Caveats: I have not thoroughly tested tripwire in all its permutations with the 8-bit patches in place. Though it does pass the tests included with the original distribution. I have not tested the changes to twdb_check.pl at all. (I don't use it.) But I was very careful in making those changes and they look right. And it passes "perl -w -c". So if it worked before...

Included in this distribution also is an unmodified version of the original distribution.

The best source for authoritative information on the current state of the official tripwire distribution starts at Directory of /pub/COAST/Tripwire. I recommend that you check there and read the README's. You should also check Tripwire Security Systems Inc., who are now the official maintainers of tripwire.

If you think I've got any of the patches I've applied wrong, I'd of course like to hear about it.

Copyright, License, and Disclaimer

The copyright and license are, of course, as per the original authors. Also check the README's at Directory of /pub/COAST/Tripwire.

Disclaimer: Other than the patches I personally added, this is the package exactly as I downloaded it from the original author's site. As you might expect, I take no responsibility for original content.

As regards any modifications I may have made: While I sincerely believe any modifications I've applied, and any related documentation, to be correct and effective, THIS SOFTWARE IS PROVIDED "AS IS", WITHOUT ANY WARRANTIES, EXPRESSED OR IMPLIED, AS TO ITS FUNCTIONALITY, ITS USEFULNESS OR ITS FITNESS FOR ANY PARTICULAR USE.

- James S. Seymour <jseymour@jimsun.LinxNet.com>

Source & Docs

Important: Each package you find at JIMSUN has been signed with a PGP signature. You are urged to validate any package you download by checking it against its signature. You will need Jim's PGP Public Key

Related Resources & Information

Directory of /pub/COAST/Tripwire (at Purdue--the original site)
Tripwire Security Systems Inc. (now the official maintainers)
Bugtraq archives for 1st quarter (Jan-Mar) 1999: Tripwire mess..
Bugtraq archives for 1st quarter (Jan-Mar) 1999: Re: Tripwire mess.. (continued)
Directory of /pub/tools/unix/L5 (at coast.cs.purdue.edu)
Also try searching the "Unix" area for "L5" at Filez web sitez.

Trademark Acknowledgments

Tripwire ® is a registered trademark of the Purdue Research Foundation.

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